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What To Expect

What to Expect at Branch's Driving School:

  • Qualified, New York State Certified Instructors - All of our Driving instructors must pass a drug test prior to driving any of our students.  After employement, we have a random drug test policy. 
  • Affordable pricing
  • New Fleet of Autos for your safety!
  • Experts With Special Techniques for Passing Your Road Test
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Commitment To Helping You Achieve Your Goals

During your driving lesson, we will cover skills outlined in your drivers manual. It is crucial that you review the manual before and after each session. We will give you the basic information that will help develop skills necessary to drive defensively. Our students do not drive on the highway during their regular lessons. If you are unable to practice after your lessons, it will be very important that you concentrate during your next lesson and ask questions. Extra talk between student and instructor is not advised.

Are You Ready for a Road Test?

At Branch's Driving School, most of our students pass the road test their first time. After completing the necessary lessons to make your skills proficient, the instructor will discuss with you the option to schedule a road test. If the instructor feels you are not ready to take the test, he or she will advise and consult with you. We do not make any guarantees that you will pass the road test. You may rent our vehicle for your road test. If you are a BDS in car student, we will make your road test appointment for you free. Any concerns or questions, contact the New York State Department of Motor vehicles, (DMV) Syracuse, 1-800-225-5368.



The staff at Branch's Driving School is competent, patient, professional, and enjoys teaching driving to the public. All instructors are certified by the State of New York and, many of our instructors have been teaching for years while holding down full time jobs in other areas.

It's important to keep focused on the road regardless of what is going on in the back seat. This skill can also be taught by our qualified instructors. Every instructor is experienced in teaching at many different levels, from the inexperienced driver to those brushing up on defensive driving skills.